pae·an - (plural pae·ans)
Expression of joy or praise: a written, spoken, or musical expression of enthusiastic praise or rapturous joy.   [Late 16th century. Via Latin, "religious hymn (originally in honor of Apollo)" < Greek paian< Paian, name for Apollo] is a non-profit research and advocacy organization focused on constitutional issues.

Our vein is in the model of The Crusaders, who fought Islamic hordes, and defeated them.  As then, we will again.  This time, we will utilize the US Constitution and interpretation of US codified law as enshrined.  The must be not capitulation to a vocal minority with a disquised agenda to subvert the law of the Unites States USING IT'S OWN LAWS AND SYTEMS. 

Also, subjugation by population: i.e., make many "American muzlim" babies they can then subvert and 'jihadize', too innocent to know different, or respect the laws of their new country.  Part of the subjugation of a county, thier holy book advises many paths (all of which are undertaken by 'devout' moderate muzlims) including lying about intent, beleifs and promises.  Witness Iran just firing off mballistic missles in violation of these wheenie UN useless rules.

Currently we are engaged in the legal issues regarding placing barriers to the Islamization of America.  Islam is at war with the West, as they clearly state in their doctrines.  We are not going to let them effect the changes they intend on the USA.  There will NOT be Sharia law allowed to function in this country legally.  It is unconstitutional and hiding under the guise of a religion to appear eligible for protection.  However, they underestimate out ability to twart them as we historically always have.

We have probably just added ourselves to some imagined "hate" or "racist" meme instead of our steadfast defence of America and theyby Western Culture, but we make no apologies.  The truth shall truly set you free (if you are allowed to know).  We are a small pebble in a true avalance of real people who support what America really was founded as: a country of laws.  Let just follow them.

I implore any true American Muslims who want to follow US code superior to Sharia and Islam's interpretation of reality, to join in renouncing that narrow interpretation of the Koran wherein tolerance and integarion do not exist.  The "West" is not at war with Islam: they are at war with the West - by their own admission. 

We seek a middle ground, if there is one.  Probably not.

Personally, I wonder if you can deal with this extreme ideology, given the problems with the milquetoast defense by what what masses as our "impartial press" (which is not and has long been not so).   

Because we use the Knights Templar logo does not mean we are any flavor of ethnic supremacy.  We are merely a channel to disseminate the issues surrounding that religious controversy.  Is it an actual religion, as protected, or a political ideology masked in religion to obfuscate and protect the true intent of the movement?

Suggestions welcome.

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